7 (Sort Of) Adult Life Tips

  1. It’s okay to take a couple of extra napkins, sweeteners, plastic utensils, etc. from a fast food place to stock up your own kitchen.
    But it’s probably not okay to steal toilet paper from restaurant bathrooms.
  2. Almost never take PTO for something that doesn’t make you happy.
    Seriously, taking precious time off to get a cavity filled or to clean your house is not a good use of time.
  3. Savings accounts are what dreams are made of.
    Stop opening credit cards you can’t pay off and start saving and collecting interest.
  4. Travel or do SOMETHING that breaks up the monotony.
    I know not everyone likes to travel, but don’t be afraid to throw some money at fun activities that will make the work week a little easier.
  5. Take full advantage of whatever your parents offer you.
    Never say no. Do I want to take home some of the banana bread you’re making? Yupp. If grandma wants to give me $20, am I gonna say no? Nope.
  6. Speaking of parents, don’t feel rushed to move out.
    I thought all I needed in life was to move out, but life at home is a lot easier and a lot cheaper. Really all I need in life is my mom.
  7. Don’t take it too seriously.
    A job is a job, it is not your whole entire life. Make happiness a priority. If you really sit and put things into perspective, think about all the things you can accomplish and all the things to see, you don’t have to stress hard about anything that is not adding anything to your life.
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How We Met (Part 2)

A response to my very old series of endings called  I’m Glad It Didn’t Work Out, view part 1 and 2 here. This will be a series focused on the beginnings of various relationships, view part 1 here.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away – I used to be on Tinder. Yikes.

I was so reckless with my heart at the time. When we matched, I didn’t say a word. We sporadically messaged each other through out the months, sending emojis or my favorite pick up line: “How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?”

Months after we matched, we finally committed to a conversation. We had friends in common, more specifically one friend. And it was one friend that I had a very rocky path with.

As most things go during your 20’s and a stage of instant gratification, we were obsessed with each other before even meeting each other. The first time we officially met was when we FaceTimed. I was at my parents house on break, you lived nearby to where I went to school. I felt so uncomfortable, but also giddy.

Then the actual first time we met was pretty strange. Because I didn’t know you, but I still got in your car and we went on a first date. We both ordered the same dish and I barely ate because of nerves.

But it was all so unbelievably innocent, so much more innocent than my reckless heart was used to at the time. I was wrapped up in a world of finally being single in college, breaking hearts and getting my heart broken, and trying not to care about anything. In the midst of that, we went on our first date. And for a little while, I was a little less reckless and a little more innocent. But only for a little while.

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Retiring Writing About Old Relationships

As I was writing my first How We Met post, I started contemplating who else I would write about besides my current boyfriend.

I listed the people I’ve dated and written about in the past in my mind and I just grew tired of thinking about those same old stories. Most of these people I haven’t spoken to or even thought about in years. Their impact on me has been far forgotten. So I decided to stop writing about them.

I’m retiring writing about old relationships and people that disappeared from my life a long time ago and for good reason. I’m tired of them, I’m tired of their stories, and they never really deserved that much from me anyway.

So I decided to only write about people I’ve spoken to in the last year, the people who still sort of linger. Or the people I’ve never written about, the stories I never told. Even they will disappear soon, but at least they are still relevant.

As time passes, these things seem to matter less and less. I’m sure those oldies but goodies will pop up now and then. And I’m sure the more recent people will get boring too. Time truly does help to heal wounds.

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The Hookup On: Weekend Pennsylvania Trip

I get bored so easily, therefore I travel often. Changing scenery often helps my restlessness.

Valentine’s Day weekend was the perfect time to get away. We initially planned a trip to visit multiple abandoned places like Centralia and the abandoned Pennsylvania turnpike. When we reached our first destination, we quickly realized the snow from a few days earlier had ruined all our plans. It would be impossible to get to/see these places in the snow.

I was more than bummed. But the quick thinking of my boyfriend turned the whole day around. We went to Hershey and did the free tour and a chocolate tasting which was so fun. We already had an AirBnB booked in Harrisburg so we headed there next.

I will always recommend AirBnB’s, I’ve never had a bad experience and they are so inexpensive.

We got lunch in Harrisburg at an awesome gallery and brewery called The Millworks (https://millworksharrisburg.com/), would definitely recommend. Then we walked along the waterfront before heading back to our AirBnB to relax.

We got dinner at Rubicon, which was great! The next morning we got breakfast and explored the capitol building a little bit. We then decided to take a stab at seeing the last abandoned place on our list, the old York County Prison.

This place was awesome and creepy. It is easy to get to and to get inside, but it was muddy and I’m a scaredy cat so we didn’t go in. All in all, weekend trips are so much fun and I will be definitely planning more for the future. It is great to be able to explore the world, but sometimes you just need to explore your neighboring states!

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Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

A lot of us have bitter feelings towards Valentine’s Day. For most of my life, I didn’t. Even when I didn’t have a boyfriend I still liked the hearts and fluff of the holiday. One year I was bitter and all it did was make me more miserable of a person than I already was.

Because in the end, it’s just a day. But if you want to look closely at it, it’s a day to remind ourselves to love. If you don’t have a significant other to express that love to – it’s okay! You can love your friends, you can love your family, and you can love yourself.

In my single years I’d buy presents for me also very single friends just to see them cheer up a little. And my mom would send me a little gift card to show her love. But I often neglected to look at the holiday as a time to give a gift to myself to show my love.

Self love is so hard. And to think about it all the time is just an exhausting competition with your inevitable self hate. But if you’re going to pick yourself apart all the time, at least use Valentine’s Day as the one day you’re not going to do that.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship or in between, love yourself this Valentine’s Day. Put on some lipstick or throw on an extra nice shirt for work. Tell yourself that you look good – because you do! Buy yourself a nice dinner or get yourself a little gift. That one present for yourself that you’ve been putting off for so long.

It’s a day of love, there’s no need to resent it. You have love all around you and all up in you – so express it!

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I’m Obsessed With Change

A lot of people are scared of changing. They are scared of the unknown and they are scared of their loved ones changing. Because when people change, you don’t always change with them.

But I actually love change. For four years of my life I was the same person, dating the same guy. I went into college and refused to change and it didn’t benefit me at all. It wasn’t until that relationship ended that I realized change just means growth and we all need to grow.

So I make big changes. I took a new job, moved out, planned trips.

But you can’t always make big changes. So I made small changes, too. I cut my hair, I picked up a new work out routine, and learned new hobbies.

And while a lot of people would be afraid to do all of these things, these are the things that keep me going. I get so bored by staying in the same place and doing the same things.

Sometimes I think my need for change makes me restless and can impact my relationships. Because if I get bored of my hair every month, what makes me want to stay with the same person every month? And if I get bored of the state I live in, how can I keep a job for more than a year? And if I feel my personality changing every couple of months, how can I hold on to my friends?

I don’t want to suppress the change, but I also don’t want to lose everything I love because I’m bored of things. So I work at the things I love and change them ever so slightly to keep them interesting. Eventually, I’ll be able to make the big changes. But for now, I love what I have and I keep them as fun as possible.

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How We Met (Part 1)

A response to my very old series called  I’m Glad It Didn’t Work Out, view part one here, a series about endings. This will be a series focused on beginnings.

I think the very first time we met was freshman year of college, but I can’t put my finger on when. It could’ve been in class, I could’ve strolled past you in the cafeteria, maybe bumped in to you at a party.

Truth is, I think we’ve had our first meeting so many times because we never let it get deeper than a “hello.”

I know I had a class with you, I remember you giving presentations about your blog project. But I also remember being entirely wrapped up in my own world. Because when I was a freshman, I had a boyfriend and gave almost no one the time of day. And when we had this class together, I was a junior and gave all the wrong people the time of day.

Then we met again. Because our friends became friends and then we sort of became friends. And I was still wrapped up in my own world. We were all graduating college soon, life was about to change and I was ready for it but not ready for it. You tried to pull me in, and like anyone that resembled any sort of serious commitment at first glance, I ran far away.

And we met again, at homecoming a couple of months after graduation. You told me all about your girlfriend and I hit on your best friend. Oops. But you were a friend of a friend of a friend and I told you I was happy for you.

We met again in the online world. You tweeted at me a lot and I thought it was weird. You still resembled that commitment I just couldn’t quite make. I was getting older though, growing out of the people I should’ve never grown into. I got drunk and slid into your DM’s.

The first time we met, not as friends of friends of friends, I almost ran you over in the parking lot because I seriously was not paying attention. I also paid for parking in a garage that was free after 5pm. And then I ordered a tuna burger and there was just juices and seeds and tuna all over my hands and face. Then it started to rain and we went to the bar and you ordered a beer, I got a water, and you felt so bad that I didn’t get a drink too.

And when we both started to think that everything was going wrong, we turned the whole night around. We met many times in the past 5 years. But the awkward smiles and polite conversation we endured was just for the time being. Because when I was ready and you were ready, we met again and it was perfect.

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