Stop Expecting So Much From Others

I have seen countless tweets/facebook statuses and heard tons of rants on people’s manners. Complaints about how someone didn’t say thank you after they opened the door for them or how people don’t answer “how are you” at the cash register.

I’m all for people using their manners, saying please and thank you, respecting each other – but there would be a whole lot less of complaints if you just stopped expecting so much from others. Be more concerned with what you expect from yourself than what you expect from others.

Don’t hold the door open for someone just so they say thank you, don’t ask how someone is with little or no care for how they really are. Be polite, always be polite, but don’t expect someone to always return the favor. Be happy that you did something nice and then shrug it off.

Because in all honesty – how can you really judge someone? Can you honestly recall your past and know that you’ve answered EVERY how are you and said thank you EVERY time someone held the door open for you? You were never on your phone or sidetracked or having a bad day or in a rush? Can you 100% say that you’ve never been the person you’re complaining about?

If you can’t, which I expect most of us can’t, then you need to give it a break. Consider other people’s situations before you call them rude or a bitch or an asshole. Stop getting SO angry over how other people react to things. They really don’t concern you and there is no point in getting angry and making someone feel bad over circumstances you just might not understand. Sure, sometimes they’re just impolite people – but let them be on their way. A simple action of someone else should not impact you enough or ruin your day enough that you need to post a status on facebook or bash someone in a tweet.

Try being understanding, stop expecting so much from others and expect more of yourself.

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I Want To Follow You On Instagram!

Hey guys!

So one of my goals for 2016 is to increase my branding on social media. I see that some of you post your Instagrams on the bottom of your blog posts and I have tried to keep up with it and give you a follow.

But I would like to be able to reach more of you through Instagram so I can not only enjoy your words, but also your beautiful pictures!

You can follow me on instagram at or @rosieeek

I will, of course, follow back. Or if you want you can just drop your insta name in the comments and I’ll give you a follow!

If you have followed me and noticed I didn’t follow back or unfollowed you – please tell me! Sometimes I just don’t see it or I accidentally unfollow when I’m trying to weed through inactive instagrams or people who spam.

Have a great summer:)



The Hookup On: Being Your Own #1 Fan

We just don’t give ourselves enough credit.

I spend all day on Instagram looking at celebrities and wishing that I could look like them. I look at other bloggers and wish I could have as much of an impact as them. I read about my friend’s lives on Twitter and Facebook and wish I was as cool as them.

We always want to be someone else. We want to look like anything but ourselves, be anything but ourselves, and do something other than what we’ve been doing. But why? What’s so wrong with being ourselves?

Because there’s probably someone who wishes they could look like you. And there are probably people who wish that they could make as much of an impact as you. And there are most likely people who wish they were as cool as you. The grass always looks greener on the other side – but really it’s time to start watering your own lawn.

If you don’t think you’re the coolest person you know, then how do you expect other people to think those things about you? You need to be your own #1 fan. You need to know your worth, show your worth, give everyone something to look at and take a good hard look at yourself.

Your instagram is bomb and you should give yourself a like. You should self promote the heck out of yourself. You should believe in yourself. And it’s cheesy to throw yourself a like, or a retweet, or give yourself a shout out – but who cares? If you don’t, then really no one else will either.

You should think the best of yourself and that’s all anyone will see. If you’re your own #1 fan, then other fans will follow. Love yourself and inspire others to want to love themselves. There’s no use in being unhappy and trying to be something you’re not when you are the best you that there could ever be.

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Love Without The Drama

Every relationship I’ve ever been in was built on uncertainty. They were just like the movies, where there would be some sort of conflict and unrequited love. It was exciting, it made me think that all love needs to be that way. That we need to overcome some kind of problem in order to truly appreciate each other.

Is there love without the drama? I find it hard to believe that every relationship needs to be built off of some kind of crisis. But that’s just what I’m used to, I’m used to having to fight for it.  Even though my past relationships didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t something done right in all of that wrong.

Can it all just be smiles and butterflies? On one hand, I’ve heard that love is a constant uphill battle. But on the other hand, I’ve heard when it’s the one everything is easy. I feel like it can’t be both.

Without the drama, there just seems to be a lack of excitement. And as someone who grew up on star crossed lovers and as a hopeless romantic, I just don’t know if I can commit to a drama free love. Bella couldn’t be with Edward because he was a vampire. I couldn’t be with one of my exes because of an age difference. We like to be able to fight for someone – so what do we do when they’re just sitting in the palm of our hands, no problems in sight?

All we want to do is fall in love, we’re all so addicted to the feeling. We want someone to want us, we want to be needed, we want everything we’ve read in the books or we’ve seen in the movies. Can love really be easier than we thought it was? Can you get everything you’ve ever wanted and more without putting your life on the line for someone?  Can that addicting love be obtained without all of the drama?

We’re just not used to things in life being simple, especially when it comes to love.

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The Art Of Taking It Slow

Taking it slow sounds easy enough. You’re trying to ease into a new relationship, tip toe around some things to avoid rushing in too fast and getting hurt. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow. In fact, I would encourage it. Falling head over heels in love sounds nice and all – but it also sounds like a good way to end up disappointed.

But taking it slow really isn’t as easy as it seems. Because when it comes to love, almost everything is telling you to go faster. Your heart is beating faster. You want to smile more, hold hands more, touch more. You want to kiss more. You want to move faster. You want love all at once.

We all want love and the addicting feeling of being happy and feeling wanted. So when it comes to relationships, we want to tumble into it as fast as possible in order to feel the euphoria. Even when we swear up and down we’re going to take it slow, there’s just no stopping something that picks up so much momentum like relationships do.

All you can really do is take a couple steps back every once in a while. Breathe in the air. There’s no reason for you to sign away your commitment after a couple of dates – even if you feel that addicting feeling of love and would give it all right now.

If you can’t take it slow, don’t be afraid to take breaks when you can. Because when you’re taking it slow, the build up is subtle and sweet. When you jump in too fast, you’ll be just as quick to retreat.

Just because you’re moving at a snail’s pace doesn’t mean you’re not going to end up anywhere. It just means you get to enjoy the view a little longer.

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How It Feels To Finally Let Your Guard Down

So you got hurt. It happens to all of us eventually and we all cope with it in different ways. Many people choose to build a wall to keep everyone out, to keep future hurt from getting in.

And it kind of feels like nothing will ever break that wall down again. Nothing or no one. People try to chip away at it, but you are still there to reinforce it. You don’t want a broken heart again, you can’t let anyone in.

That seems true for a while, but people have often told me that once the right person comes along – everything will change. You let them chip away, you let them in, you let your guard down.

But it’s been so long since you let anyone get that close and the feeling is terrifying. Why? Because you’re feeling everything all at once. All the emotions you refused to feel before, all the hurt you’ve been avoiding is looming in front of you, all the love that you’ve feared is staring you straight in the eye.

You should let your guard down when the right person comes along, but just know that the feeling is overwhelming. That you’re going to feel like everything is about to go wrong. That you’re going to be terrified of being hurt again. That everything you’ve ever wanted could be right in front of you.

You are going to feel everything all at once. And realize how much better that is than feeling nothing at all.

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Letting Fear Get In The Way of Living

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid of sharks, I’ve devised a plan that if I ever came across one I would just let it eat me. I’m afraid of spiders, they make me actually scream like a little girl. I’m afraid of heights, more specifically I’m afraid of falling and dying.

But the chances of me coming across a shark are pretty rare. And my fear of spiders doesn’t keep me from going outside. I may hate heights, but I love the feeling of my stomach dropping when I fall.

You can’t let fear get in the way of living your life.

I think a lot of us have fears when it comes to relationships. Even when we’re over the past, we’re never really over it. We never forget the heart break or the awful feeling of breaking up with someone. We never forget the lows, we really never even forget the highs. And that makes us fear jumping in with someone new.

Because with every new relationship, there is the sting of an old one. Every teeny tiny similarity will make you shudder. She just got out of a relationship? Remember that one time you were a rebound? He has cheated on a past girlfriend? Remember when you got cheated on?

Every action in a new relationship will cause a reaction. And it’s okay, because these reactions should allow you to protect yourself. It’s okay to be a little afraid. But these reactions should not make you build a wall and retreat. It’s not okay to stop living because you’re afraid.

You shouldn’t deny yourself happiness just because of your past. You are letting old memories destroy your new ones. It’s just not fair to you. That someone who hurt you in your past, someone who clearly didn’t deserve you, is still causing you to be afraid of something new and exciting.

You can’t let fear get in the way of living in any aspect of life. Fear and excitement are two very similar emotions – embrace them, stop running away.

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The Hookup On: Search Terms and Commonly Read Posts

Do I get some really weird search terms sometimes that direct people to my blog? Yes. But the most commonly searched and read articles are the following:

Chances you’ve already met your spouse:

I read that 82% of people meet their future spouse before they turn 16. I think a lot of other people have read this fake statistic too, I wrote about it here.

Dating someone with the same name as your ex:

I momentarily ran into this problem and it can get a little weird. It’s an easy problem for anyone to run into – you can read my solution here.

Hookup culture:

What is the hookup culture? Why is that your blog name? All the answers to your questions can be found here.

How do introverts flirt?:

Us introverts are a special breed of human. We’re pretty weird and pretty awkward and it can be hard to tell if we’re flirting. Here’s some helpful hints.

Things vegetarians are tired of hearing:

No, we don’t miss eating steak. Please stop waving your food in my face. And other frustrations can be read here.

Stop impressing others:

We all get caught up in impressing others rather than ourselves. You can read about it here.

Getting ghosted after a hookup:

It happens to the best of us, we go on a date or hook up with someone and never hear back from them. Here’s a quick read on ghosting.

I’ll also see things along the lines of trying to find a hook up on snapchat or instagram. I also will see just other very random things that I’m not sure what you’re looking for but I found it on my blog. As always, I write to help people as well as myself. So this link round up of my most commonly searched and read blog posts may help you – it definitely reminded me of a thing or two:)


5 Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

Overall, when writer’s block strikes, I have one rule. Don’t stop writing. Even if it doesn’t make sense, or isn’t on your normal beat, or just seems dumb to you – don’t stop. Eventually an idea will come out of nowhere, but here are some ways to beat writer’s block:

  1. Compile a list of ideas

When you’re not blocked, make a list of ideas that will spark something when you are suffering from writer’s block.

2. Just make a list

Write a post like “5 Ways To Beat Writer’s Block” or “10 Relatable Things For People Who Love To Nap.” Sure, they’re cliché, but they keep you from missing weeks of blogging.

3. Journal

Write down your feelings or day to day activities or current thoughts often. Your brain might just be clogged up with daily life problems.

4. Read other blogs

It’s okay to draw inspiration from other bloggers, they probably do the same thing while reading your blog!

5. Listen to music

Music can bring up emotions you’ve tried to squash in the past, get your nostalgia on.

Comment below if you have other ways to beat writer’s block! Bloggers that are blocked (including me right now) can use all the help they can get.

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How To Reconnect With Old Friends

Losing friends is a part of life. With any relationship, sometimes people just get distanced from each other. They fight, they grow apart, they move, they let something get in the way.

But just because you lose touch for a little while doesn’t mean you’re meant to stay apart forever. We all have some friends that we left in the past because they were just not good for us. But we all also have friends we left in the past that need to be brought into the present.

It’s not easy to reach out to people you’ve lost touch with. So much time has passed, it seems a little awkward to ask someone how they’ve been doing for the last five years. But you had a great friendship before and there’s no reason to not have it again.

You have to forgive anything that may have happened in the past. Whether it be a fight, or they stopped keeping in contact with you no matter how hard you tried, or you just haven’t made the time to see them in 10 years. You have to forgive it all. If you’re willing to rekindle the friendship, any bad blood from the past needs to be obsolete.

And you need to be open. Your friends have grown into different people just as you have. Deep down we still have parts of us that stay the same, but those are the parts you just don’t give away to people. You have to be open to the new person your friend has become.

Lastly, you need to be patient. Friendships don’t grow overnight. It’s been so long that this friendship is basically starting from the beginning. You aren’t going to hang out every day and be best buds right away. It takes time, just like it did the first time around.

It is totally worth it to reconnect with old friends who are worth your time. Don’t waste your time on the ones who weren’t really good friends, but do spend the time with the ones who have always cared. Don’t be afraid to reach out, the special people in your life are hard to come by.

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