What Do You Want To Know About Me?

While I’m not quite sure anyone wants to know anything about me, I thought I’d give this post a shot anyway because I’m busy today and also have a bit of writer’s block.

On Monday, I want to compile a Q&A with your questions for me. You could read my about me and learn some stuff, but there is always more to know!

You can ask me my favorite color or where I went to school or how old I am or what my favorite food is. Or you can get deeper and ask me about my worst relationship or how to use online dating apps.

So, ask away! While I reserve the right to choose what I would like to answer and what I wouldn’t, I will try to answer everyone’s questions as openly and honestly as possible🙂

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!


Blogs You Should Be Following

Hey guys!

Super busy at work this week, so I thought I’d republish this post of blogs you should be following! These bloggers are amazing writers and extremely supportive to me and my blog. Please check them out🙂

1. My Friday Blog

2. Tarnished Soul

3. Single Girls Anonymous

4. A Thomas Point of View

5. Single in the Suburbs

6. The Tony Burgess Blog

7. Mandibelle16

8.Crumble Cult

9. Daisy in the Willows

10. Ain’t No Party

Enjoy your Thursday🙂



The Hookup On: Podcasts

Podcasts are a thing now. As someone who is obsessed with staying on trend in the social media world, I should probably be more into podcasts. Currently the only one I listen to is Live from the Middle Urinal (you can find their Facebook here). Because it’s funny and light and I have a hard time paying attention to things that aren’t visual and they do a pretty good job at making it easy to pay attention.

Matt, Dom, and Phil just recently released a podcast (Episode 17) featuring a female guest. They touch on girl vs boy topics and cover the different opinions of dating/relationships/porn/sex/etc. It’s hilarious. So check it out here if you have iTunes or here on podbean.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think about the show and podcasts in general below! Live from the Middle Urinal is a little explicit, just a warning🙂


I Can’t Blame Anyone But Myself

After a break up, you want to blame everyone else but yourself. You want to blame the girl he cheated on you with. You want to blame your family for not telling you sooner that he sucked. You want to blame your friends for not pulling you away. You want to blame him for the person that he is.

But in the end, when all is said and done, I really can’t blame anyone but myself. I can’t blame anyone else for the way I began to change to fit the mold of my relationship. The way I stopped caring about myself, the way I made the world spin around this “perfect love.”

I can’t blame the girl he cheated on me with, she’s just another victim to his tricks. And I can’t blame my friends and family because we all know I just wouldn’t listen.

I can’t blame him for what he did to me. Because I let him cause me that pain. I let someone treat me like dirt. I let the relationship consume me to the point where I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I’m not someone who likes to fight, I’m not someone who wants drama, I’m not someone who dedicates their entire life and soul to someone else. I can’t blame anyone but myself for becoming that person.

It’s true you brought out the worst in me and it’s true you treated me poorly – but I can’t blame anyone but myself.

And in that sense, I owe everything to myself. Because I am stronger, better, more aware. I moved on from those past relationships and became the person I wanted to be again.

I owe a lot to my family, I owe a lot to my friends, I owe a lot to the people that broke me down so far that I had to pick myself up again. Mostly I owe it all to myself. I did it, I recovered, and I am better.

And while I can’t blame anyone but myself, I also can praise myself. And congratulate myself. And be proud of myself. Because when people knock you down, you can pick yourself up eventually and that’s all that really matters. That you keep moving forward.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gabrielap93/

10 Reasons Why Fall Is Awesome

Although summer is without a doubt my favorite season, fall has its perks too! We all need a little reminder sometimes, when the temperatures drop and the free time disappears, that fall can be just as great as summer🙂 Here are 10 reasons why fall is so awesome:

  1. Mallomars
    Enough said
  2. Nicer weather
    I’m always cold, but fall has a nice inbetween of too hot and too cold
  3. Bulking season
    Okay, this isn’t really a thing for me but I don’t have to wear a bikini anymore so let’s just call the massive amounts of food I’m about to eat bulking season
  4. Less frequent leg shaving
    I’m wearing pants, guys, I’m not shaving my legs every three days anymore.
  5. Comfort food
    Pumpkin everything, richer and yummier foods!
  6. Halloween
    My favorite holiday🙂
  7. Thanksgiving
    Once again…food.
  8. Fall clothes
    Beanies are actually the best thing for bad hair days and flannels couldn’t be more comfortable.
  9. Fall activities
    Apple picking, hay rides, and pumpkin carving all make for great Instagrams
  10. Cuddle weather
    It’s cuffing season!! Find yourself a significant other and commence the cuddling.
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lauritopias/

Why New Love Is Terrifying

Are you dating? Are you in a new relationship? Are you scared? You should be.

There are different types of fears you face when you’re falling into a new love.

There’s the fear of getting your heart broken again. This fear will paralyze you, could possibly stop the whole relationship in its tracks because you’re so scared of feeling that hurt again.

There’s the fear of the unknown. Where are you going to go from here? Will I screw it up? Will someone else screw it up? Will we get married?

There’s the fear of this overwhelming feeling. Love is such a consuming addiction, the feeling of being so head over heels for someone is scary.

There’s the fear of hurting someone. Of not living up to their expectations or not being able to make it work the way they want.

New love is terrifying, but it’s okay. With that fear comes a whole world of excitement. You have to trust people, you have to trust yourself. Because even though you’re terrified, you’re one step closer to happiness with someone else.

Your head is scared, your heart is not. If you don’t do the things that scare you, you’ll be missing out on a lot of things in life. A lot of things that could potentially make you happy.

Give it a shot. Your heart might get broken again, you might not live up to expectations, you might be lost in the dark, or totally overwhelmed. But all of those lessons will help you in life – whether the love ends up being positive or negative. Trust the feeling and go where life takes you, dive into love despite the fear.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sugarhiccuphiccup/

Why I’m Obsessed With Social Media

I’m 23 years old and basically grew up with social media and have been obsessed with it since I discovered it.

It initially started with AIM Messenger where you could chat with your friends online at any time. As a pretty awkward and introverted person, this allowed me to make friends at a young age.

Xanga was like the beginning of WordPress, I tried to blog a bunch of times when I was younger (around 12 years old), but it just wasn’t a thing back then.

Then Myspace rolled around and I started to capitalize on that, making friends on the internet to add on to the dwindling amount of friends I had in real life. I learned html to make my layouts and profile, I blogged, I added strangers and became friends with them. It sounds a little creepy, but it’s almost the same as following people you don’t know on Instagram or replying to comments on WordPress. I’m still friends with someone I’ve never technically met, but met through Myspace.

I dove into Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. WordPress became a big part of my life. I realized I wanted to make a career out of social media because I was good at it. And I think a lot of people think that just because you use Facebook means that you are good at social media, but it’s not necessarily true.

I began building myself and my brand through social media. It took time and is still taking time. I think one of the biggest things people see when looking at someone who is obsessed with social media is that they are faking their lives through an internet platform.

But I’m obsessed with social media because my life is so great in real life and on the internet. I can project all of the fun things I do and goals I accomplish in real life onto my social media platforms.

I’m obsessed with social media because it connects me with like minded people. Because they read my blog and they’re having problems dating, too. Because they saw my Instagram of my trip to Nashville and they’ve been there, too.

I’m obsessed with social media because I’m obsessed with my world and social media opens up the door to a whole other world to enjoy. I’m not faking anything (except a little bit more confidence in my internet life). I love social media because I love my life.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/carmenjost/