Why It’s Hard To Recognize Unhappiness

You’d think recognizing your own emotions would be easy, but it’s not for many reasons. We often put other people’s emotions before our own, we get blinded by more dominant emotions, or we’ve just learned to ignore them.

It’s hard to recognize unhappiness because we’re trying so hard to be happy. To admit unhappiness is admitting that you failed at being happy. That your relationship is dead. That your job is a dud. That your life isn’t going the way you planned.

Because of this, many people live unhappy lives and they don’t know it. In this case, ignorance is bliss. But if you ever wriggle out of that unhappy situation, you’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted not being truly happy.

It’s hard to recognize unhappiness unless you are truly in tune with your self. If you actually take time to analyze your emotions and take time for self care.

Take a look at your life, write down the way you feel and recognize your happiness or unhappiness. It’ll help you in the long run.

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The Hookup On: Help Me Reach My Goal!

Hey guys!

So on my fall bucket list, I goaled myself to reach 1,500 WordPress followers by the end of fall. Now that it’s the first day of December, I realized I need a little help reaching that goal! 

Currently I am at 1,440 followers – close but far! So if you’ve ever felt like reblogging, linking back to me, or whatever – now would be a great time! I want to reach new audiences and get involved with as many people as possible.

Thanks in advance for all your help!



6 Things I Care Too Much About

I care a lot, I pretend not to care a lot. There are many things that I pay no mind to – but there are just some things that I care too much about. That don’t deserve as much attention as they get. It’s the ugly truth, these are the things I care too much about:

  1. How much I weigh
    It’s not even the number that haunts me, but any extra jiggle.
  2. How many likes I get on Instagram
    Guys I know it doesn’t matter, but it kind of matters.
  3. Going out without make up on
    I’ve seriously been conditioned to wear make up, I’ve been wearing it since I was like 13 and don’t think I’ve left the house without it since then.
  4. When friends hang out without me
    Idk why I get fomo because I probably didn’t want to go anyway
  5. When everyone looks better than I do
    Like, I’m the one who decided to look like bum at dinner but everyone else is in heels with curled hair.
  6. Almost everything I can’t control
    I overthink those little things to death.
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The Mid-Relationship Crisis

The mid-relationship crisis is a bit like a mid-life crisis. It’s the existential realization that maybe not everything is going according to plan or maybe everything is too perfect and you need to just screw it all up.

I’ve always said that around every 6 months, a couple will hit a tiny mid-relationship crisis. It doesn’t have to be something serious. Or it could lead to the end of the relationship.

Every time these crises come about, there are a few things that you need to remember.

One is how much you love the other person and how happy you normally are. If you aren’t in love or happy, your crisis might be just and it’s time to end that relationship.

Another thing to remember is sometimes life gets a little crazy. It may not be your relationship that’s causing you to have a crisis.

And lastly, you need to listen yourself above all others. But also let other people talk you off the ledge if you just can’t handle your mid-relationship crisis. Listening and remaining calm are always key.

These things happen, love is crazy and we panic. Your mid-relationship crisis won’t be an end all, be all unless it’s really meant to be over.


Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who are on WordPress today –

Happy Thanksgiving! I am forever grateful for anyone who is reading this right now or for anyone who has read my blog ever.

I have changed and grown over the past two years, much of which I was able to cope with because of this community. Because sometimes I complained about boys and you guys related. Because sometimes I was completely lost and you guys gave me advice. Because sometimes I reached awesome goals and you guys congratulated me.

I am thankful for all of you and hope you have the best Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!




Why We Forget To Take Care Of Ourselves

We often stop and think to ourselves about how stressed out we are. How tired we are. How we could just use a day off.

But we never really stop and think that we need all of those things because we’ve stopped taking care of ourselves. We just think that it’s been a busy week, or a lot has been going on at work, or you’ve been fighting with your friends this week. But it will all pass.

The truth is, it won’t pass unless you realize that you’ve completely forgotten about your own self care. All of your current emotions are linked to things in your life such as work, school, relationships. But how are you feeling? Have you taken care of you?

We forget to take care of ourselves because there’s so much going on in the world. And we are just a small piece of it. We think all of these outside things make up who we are, that if we take care of those things then everything will fall into place. But if you don’t take care of your mind or your body or your soul – then you can’t take care of work, or friends, or family, or school either.

We forget to take care of ourselves because we are so busy looking after other people. But how can you be there for someone if you aren’t even there for yourself?

Be grateful and be there for people. Most importantly, though, be grateful for who you are and take care of yourself. If you’re stressed, or tired, or need a day off. Recognize those things as a  need to take care of yourself more, not just something that’s going to pass over time. Don’t live your life thinking everything is temporary, you need to be mindful of your current state and where you will be going from here. Take care of yourself.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/streetmatt/