How Long is Too Long?

How Long is Too Long?
How Long is Too Long?

I’ve heard that it takes half the time of your relationship to get over the break up.

And I really hope that’s not true.

There are so many factors involved in how quickly you will be able to get over a break up.  Did you do the breaking up? How long were you dating for? How invested were you in the relationship? How long did you mourn for? Have you found someone to move on with?

I don’t have an answer to when exactly you will be over your break up, but I can offer you some advice to make the healing process a little easier.  Cry all you need to, then stop dwelling.  If you can’t change what has happened, then there is little to no point in mulling over it. In retrospect you will see, this break up happened for the better.  Right now, though, it just sucks.

Cling to your friends, they most likely know what you’re going through and there is no reason to go out boyfriend/girlfriend shopping the moment you get dumped.  Then it’s just a rebound, and you’re going to stomp on someone else’s heart just because yours hurts.

Keep yourself busy.  I’m not telling you to distract yourself and pretend that this never happened – it happened. I’m telling you to fulfill yourself with something else, something that makes you happy and gives you a purpose. NOT a someone, a something.

I’m one year deep into a break up of a four year relationship.  And I will be damned if I spend another year wasting my youth dwelling on mistaking a life lesson for a soul mate.


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