Not Everyone Sucks

Not Everyone Sucks
Not Everyone Sucks

The boy who told you he’d text you when he was leaving that morning but never did? He sucks.  The girl that told you she loved you but then dumped you to get back together with her ex? Yes, she sucks.  But after all is said and done, not everyone sucks.

We all eventually get hurt.  We put our heart and soul into something and end up getting nothing in return. There are so many different stages of grief we go through after something like this happens.  We beg for them back.  We cry. We try to get over them with someone else.  We become cynical.

You believe in something so much that when it doesn’t work out, you automatically assume that that’s how it’s going to be for every situation.  You become the person that doesn’t believe in relationships, that uses people the way you were used, that looks out for his/her self because at this point it really doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to.  It seems like they’re all just going to break your heart just like that one person did.  That one person may suck, but not everyone does.

Never compare your relationships to the one that failed.  Of course thinking that way will keep you cynical! It’s the easy way out to just keep avoiding getting your heart broken again.  Even I have slipped into the cynical grief stage, thinking that I just needed to protect myself.

But after you’ve begged for them back, after you cry, after you try to get over them with someone else, and even after you become cynical – everything goes back to normal.  You’ll have a tough time deciphering your feelings, but at the end of the day you’ll realize that some people are worth it.


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